We are specialists in Interior plant designs and nurture. Our purpose is to create green environments that are perfect for your space. These green spaces flourish with our care and attention. Clean air, beautiful spaces, a healthier life.


Collaborate, design and install. It’s all about you. Your choices and your decisions combined with our experience will create the perfect space for your company.

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From the largest trees to the smallest succulent, living green walls and artificial green walls. So many ideas and opportunities to improve the workspace. Wall hanging plants, floor standing plants, bespoke built planters. Anything and everything – all competitively priced – designed with you at the heart.

Designing and setting up the green plant spaces – whether it be for co-working or one company – is at the core of what we do. Not only do plants create stunning spaces to work in, they also ensure our wellbeing physically and aid our wellbeing mindfully.

And in these changing times we are applying our knowledge and experience to create the perfect green environment.  Plants can really clean the air and having constantly proved our capabilities in design, implementation and on going maintenance, we can provide any scheme for any size work space to make working life healthier and better.  


Once a plant is removed from its natural habitat, it needs specialist care and attention to help it thrive. Our nature at work principles stimulate and encourage your plants, creating the perfect thriving green space to live and work.

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Plants require food – light, water and sometimes a little extra help. Utilising our superb eco credentials we feed and maintain your plants, reducing the risk of pests using bio friendly controls and encouraging their growth and wellbeing with our vast ecological experience. With our professional care we make your plants be the best they can be.


Cutting lawns, trimming hedges, clearing leaves and litter. Pollarding, pruning and making the landscape look beautiful all year round.

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A less glamorous service, but an essential one if we are to keep our surroundings not only growing healthily, but keeping them safe, clean and pleasing to the eye. All done in a sustainable and sympathetic way.


Clear seas, cleaner air, and minimal landfill is something we all strive for.
Our super low carbon footprint can only benefit this planet.

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Using recycled glass and reclaimed plastics, our products attain the highest green credentials. Our planters are manufactured in the UK minimising our carbon footprint, and can be recycled at the end of their life. And all our planters are hand finished by properly paid staff. When it comes to transport – feet, bike and public transport are our preferred methods.
With our green credentials, we are truly leading the field with our eco friendly, nature loving policies.


The place where we live affects our moods, our days, our relationships. Bringing green life into the home we find our lives are enhanced by the natural world.

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Creating the perfect design for a house, a home office, a garden, gives us the precious opportunity to appreciate how living closer to nature can improve our lives. Simple easy to care for designs of any size created specifically for your home and your personality will improve the lives of both yourself and those around you.