Plants are now scientifically acknowledged to be a vital and indispensable part of any healthy environment, be it offices, hotels, waiting rooms and restaurants, or indeed any indoor space we inhabit.

Our interior landscaping service offers you the Design & Installation and Maintenance package on either a Rental or ‘Purchase and Maintenance’ basis. And with Brighton Botanical there is no limit to the style and size of planting schemes we can offer.

From a single reception desk bowl or orchid display to Atrium planting, and Green Walls to hanging gardens, we will create designs for you that will smoothly integrate with your space. By using our vast range of bespoke interior planters and plants, the choice available to our clients is endless, which means that Brighton Botanical can meet the needs of every type of business, no matter how big or small.

Now, as we all know, Interior landscaping can really bring a place to life, creating an air of wellbeing for everybody. But they can do a lot more than that. Plants improve the health of a building and its inhabitants and as a result can directly positively affect profit margins. To find out more about these remarkable inhabitants of our earth, please read our eco info and prepare to be amazed.


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