After years of having the same old tired web site Brighton Botanical Ltd have at last launched a new and we think exciting site designed by Nifty Marketing from Brighton, a great group of people who showed us unlimited patience and understanding. Nifty really seemed to get under the skin of our company despite our ever changing ideas, and came up with what we think is a really fresh approach in Interior and Exterior Landscaping websites, producing a beautiful, clear and practical website for you to use. No predictable green web site with green lettering and green logos, and definitely no clutter so you won’t be side tracked by unwanted information, spending ages trying to find out what on earth we do!
Just simple, clear and succinct information that will give a brief glimpse into all the products and services on offer.
AND more importantly, all the images used on this site are our own work – We do not use stock or catalogue pictures – something we strongly believe in otherwise how can you get an idea in to what we really do?

So have a look at the site, browse easily through all our pictures and let us know what you think of it through any of our social media pages, or just email us. We’ll take all suggestions on board with the aim of coming up with the perfect user friendly website. All ideas very welcome.
Enough of our web site and more on what we’re thinking about this week.

orchid2Well our gripe today is reception displays. Why oh why do companies keep having flowers in filthy water on their reception desks when you can have beautiful orchid displays – living plants as opposed to dying flowers.
Orchids are better for the environment – (they are not force grown flowers in greenhouses in third world countries sprayed with pesticides)
And more importantly it would seem nowadays, a far more economical way of improving the look of the reception desk.
Whichever of these is your priority then why on earth haven’t you chosen orchids? There’s a myriad of planters out there to choose from rather than an old glass vase – you can have a planter to match your corporate colours or an off the wall design that will blow your clients away. Anything is possible. So your reception can have gorgeous Phalaenopsis orchids dressed with a back drop of twisted willow all top dressed in beautiful Spanish moss for less than a bunch of flowers. Remarkable isn’t it!

So, ditch the dirty water and fill your receptions with beautiful Brighton botanical orchids.